How to Identify When You Should Leave Your Job


By: Basil Nabi, Associate II  – El Segundo, CA

Many people question whether they should  leave their job, but due to many factors, decide it is not the right time for them. Some people fear leaving without having a new opportunity lined up, or worry how losing certain benefits will affect them and their families. Whatever the reason is that a person decides to stay at a company, it’s important to recognize when it’s time to move on.  Below are some reasons why one should consider looking for a new opportunity.


The main reason to look for a new opportunity is if you are unhappy. If you dread going to work every day, have a negative attitude while you are there, and take work home with you that affects your personal life, then it may be time to look elsewhere. Stress levels tend to rise as more work accumulates and can get to the point where it feels like there is not enough time in the day to complete your tasks. Every person requires a different work/life balance and you have to find one that works for you.

Toxicity 7-Signs-It’s-Time-To-Quit-Your-Job

A toxic environment can consist of bad attitudes or abuse coming from management or colleagues, as well as the companies’ overall treatment of their employees. If you have philosophical differences or simply feel you do not fit in to the work environment, one may feel the environment is toxic as well. Negative attitudes coming from management trickles down to all employees under them and creates a negative attitude amongst the group. If you find yourself in a situation like this, unless management changes and has a positive trickle-down effect, you should look elsewhere.



Many great thinkers have said they do not want to be the smartest person in the room. If you find yourself in this situation, the company should be strongly considering your ideas and maximizing the use of your skills. Eventually you will become bored and will have the desire to advance your skills. When you find yourself in this situation, some companies cannot accommodate, which would be a great reason to look elsewhere.


Some people are very passionate about specific topics or industries and they should strive to work in that area, as caring about what you are working on is a great way to bring out the best in yourself. There are enough jobs out there where it is not worth pursuing a career in something you do not believe in long-term. Look elsewhere until you find a good match as you and the company you work for will prosper.


This may not be important to everyone, but financial stability is definitely a good reason to look elsewhere. If you hear that your current company is having layoffs, or hear of financial struggles in the news, this would be a good opportunity to be proactive as there is no guarantee your job will still be there.


There are many reasons to consider leaving your current job beyond general unhappiness, a toxic work environment, a stagnant position, not being passionate about the work, and stability, as this varies from person to person. Ultimately, if you are not happy with your situation, there are plenty of jobs out there and plenty of good resources to find them. If someone is going to be making a job switch, they should have a plan as far as what industry they would like to move to and what type of work environment they are looking for to get things going.

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