End of Year Tips to Jump Starting Your Job Search in 2017

Sam Krug

By: Samantha Krug, Lead Recruiter– El Segundo, CA

The beginning of the year, January and February are the two best months out of the year to jump start your job search. This is generally when companies are allotted a new budget for the year, and hiring managers are able to assess exactly what their hiring needs are for the following months. During these first two months of the year there is generally an influx of hiring, so if you are looking to make a change in the New Year it’s best to get yourself organized sooner rather than later.

Here is a list of tips to help jump-start your job search for the New Year.

Revising/Updating your Resume

  • The best place to start – updating your resume with the most recent projects, and some of the latest technologies that you’ve been working with.
  • If you have gotten the chance to get hands on development experience with newer technologies outside of work, make sure to include those projects as well.
  • As you are making these updates to your resume, keep in mind to highlight the latest technologies that you’ve used, as well as the newest versions of each language.
  • It may seem obvious but make sure to highlight your strengths including any certifications or awards that you might have received over the years.
  • If you are a Senior Engineer, try to limit your experience to the last 10 years, as to present your most up to date skill set (even if you’re very experienced—make sure to limit your resume to no more than 5 pages).

Revising/Cleaning up Social Media Pages

  • Companies are using social media more frequently tosocial media not only get a sense of who a candidate is before hiring them, but they are also using social media as a means of recruiting. Recruiting agencies as well as hiring managers are using social media sources like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat (yes, even Snapchat) in order to reach out to candidates.
  • Facebook is currently in talks of creating a recruiting tool – making it easier for recruiters, HR teams, and hiring managers to have access to your social media account.
  • Before you start looking for a job, make sure your social media pages are clean, and work appropriate. That or simply keep your pages PRIVATE.
  • You want to make sure your social media pages reflect your professional brand.

Updating professional websites

  • Make sure to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date since LinkedIn is the most widely used professional website.
    • Something else to help improve your LinkedIn profile would be to get “recommendations” from previous managers and colleagues.
    • During this time you should reach out to your previous colleagues and managers and ask them to write yo
      u a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.
  • If you don’t have a Github, you should create one in order to display some of the applications you’ve created and projects that you’ve worked on
    • If you do have a Github, make sure your latest projects have been uploaded.
    • Use Github to display the work that you’ve done with some of the latest technologies: add a new project that you’ve been working on with the latest version of Angular, or what you’ve gotten the chance to work on with React.JS.
    • In addition, a great way to make your Github presence noticed is by answering the questions of other developers that are either struggling with someone or need advice.

Prepare for InterviewsJob-Search-Find-a-Job-735x400

  • Interviewers are going to ask tough and sometimes uncomfortable questions. You don’t want to be unprepared or appear unnerved by these questions.
  • Before meeting with the company make sure to research the company, research the person who is conducting the interview to get a sense of their background.
  • There are websites that cover the different questions – both technical and personal – that a company may ask during the interview process. Study up on these so are you able to mentally prepare yourself with an articulate response.
  • Do your best to investigate the current market – whether that means what the latest desirable technology is, or what industries have been gaining popularity.

Have a game plan

  • Devise an end goal for yourself – what goals, small or big, are you looking to hit.
  • Asses what you want, and where you see yourself going in this new opportunity.
  • Asses what you need and the steps that you will need to take in order to hit that goal
  • Keep in mind there is more than one way to hit your goals – plan out different plans of attack that you can use in order to hit these goals that you have set for yourself.

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