A Pledge to be Better


By: Leah Chan, Lead Recruiter– El Segundo, CA

I know—you do not want to hear this, but—being a technical recruiter is not easy. We often come across as pushy, sleazy, overbearing and selfish. Unfortunately, this negative stigma follows most sales professionals. In this over-saturated market recruiters are a dime a dozen and good recruiters are scarce. With unemployment in California alone just hovering at 4.9% for college graduates, we recruitment professionals cannot afford to operate under this negative stigma when there are so many other recruiters to choose from. We need to strive to be one of the few recruiters that people trust and rely on during their job search. To do this we need to keep in mind some key factors that can help pave the road to building each person’s own recruiter identity and brand.  Therefore, this is a pledge.  A pledge to hold myself to the highest standards and be a trusted ally on all levels.  And I hope that this message resonates sales professionals as a whole.


Know Who You Are Talking To

  • Look at a person’s background and get an idea with whom you are speaking. Knowing their history and asking them about their expectations will greatly benefit both parties, as you will have a better idea on how to serve them.
  • In return, you will have a satisfied consumer. A person who will hopefully in turn understand and appreciate your value and your “brand” as not just a recruiter, but a trusted consultant.
  • Look at the needs of others of others.  Do not throw their haves/have nots, wants/needs into just a list.  Understand what people are missing and what they looking for and let that be your guide.

Listen To Both Sides

  • Nobody likes to go unheard; especially if they are utilizing your services. Whether it is to help a hiring manager fill their open position or assisting a job seeker find their new career, both parties want to be heard.
  • Take a couple of minutes to listen. Go beyond the standard requirements and questions, and get a full picture of what they need.  What is their overall goal?  What are they looking to achieve in a given period?
  • People are not just numbers or keywords so do not look at them in that manneritstaffinglosangeles.  Dig deep and understand why a job seeker is leaving and what he or she is seeking.  In addition, managers are not just looking for someone with a high percent match on tech buzzwords.    Be thoughtful with what you are told and use that information to be mindful and efficient with everyone’s time.
    • Switching jobs is a big deal. There is a lot to take into account such and relocating a family, working out schedules with their loved ones, fitting into a new environment and even switching health plans.

Be Open To Constructive Criticism and Feedback

  • One of the most common conflicts in this job is rejection. It is inevitable and it will happen often.
  • Thick skin becomes an essential asset in this business. These bumps in the road are what helps you grow in this type of profession. Do not get discouraged. Learn from it and use it to better serve people.
  • Take any negative or constructive criticism with open ears and use it to your advantage. There will always be good days and bad days. Take their feedback to heart and apply it to your next opportunity.

This job is multifaceted.  It can be hard, it can be discouraging, but moreover, it can be easy to overlook the key skills that make you a strong ally.  I see it all too often in my line of work and it motivates me to want to be better and be a true partner to those who trust me with their time.

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